Weird fiction roundup!
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I'm looking for links, less so books (though excellent collections can make the cut, I am just on a book diet) to weird fiction short stories!

I love Karin Tidbeck, Borges, Yoon Ha Lee, Agata's Machine, Hungry Daughters, the super out of print Borderlands collections; not so interested in Lovecraft mythos stuff or really anything of or derivative of that era.
I guess the links above are generally feminist leaning and not especially gory, but outside those restrictions is a-ok, I'm trying to branch out a bit without slogging through perfectly cromulant fiction that doesn't scratch that weird brain itch :) I know about the big online fiction publishers, looking for specific story recommendations instead!
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Ted Chiang can be weird.
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May I suggest Caitlin R Kiernan’s Sirenia Digest? She is the high priestess of weird fiction, imo.
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I was pleasantly surprised by this story, though it might be the wrong kind of weird. Maybe Eugie Foster? Genevieve Valentine?
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I can't personally vouch for it but since I'm already here I wanted to mention The New Weird anthology.
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Oh! This is a book, but it is an amazing (weird, creepy, sometimes gory, mostly just magical and queer) set of short stories that seem to fit your description. Her Body and Other Parties.
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Did you also read Camilla Grudova's story Waxy? (which, if you haven't, is rather more disturbing than Agata's Machine).

Final Appearance by Leena Krohn.
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Kij Johnson's At the Mouth of the River of Bees. It's a collection of unsettling, liminal short stories that traverse the border between human and animal.

(If you're looking for something to read online, Kij Johnson's story Spar won the 2009 Nebula. It's wonderfully disturbing.)

You mentioned liking Yoon Ha Lee—the other day, I played a magical, moody Twine game called To Spring Open, and discovered afterwards that he co-wrote it.
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You might like Spinning the Thread by Gregory Norman Bossert.
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Second Her Body and other Parties

Also: Things We Lost in the Fire by Mariana Enríquez

I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for - but since these are short story collections, maybe you find a story you like?
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Yoko Ogawa, The Diving Pool (it's a book of short stories, though)
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Plain Useless by Kit Whitfield
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The Situation.
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Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs fits pretty much none of your requirements but i love it and i can't stop myself
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Black Water: Anthology of Fantastic Literature is often recommended. It's... uncanny! Nice mix of classic writers and obscure oddities, all thought provoking. There's a sequel if you need more. Sorry, it's on paper.
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Laura Kasischke's collection of short stories If a Stranger Approaches You keeps the weird and subversive at satisfying pitch throughout.
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Up for some fanfic? Weird fanfic?

Goodnight Room by Skogkatt is (kinda sorta) based on Goodnight, Moon.

Hello Operator, Please Give Me Number Nine by Starlingthefool is Calvin & Hobbes fanfic: Susie plays Calvinball with Death.

You by Farla; Pokemon fanfic. It's tagged "Second Person POV" and "experimental fic" and both of those are accurate.
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Bears Discover Fire by Tony Bisson. Read this as a child and I revisit with regularity.
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I loved Machine of Death. There's a free pdf online, and extras for free here (scroll to bottom)
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