Utah Ski Resorts - Local Resource/ Message Board?
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I live in Utah and most of the local resorts are now open, but with limited runs + snow making. I'm trying to get a handle on whether it's worth visiting any of the resorts just yet - and if so, what to expect - and am wondering if there's a resource where I can find reports from real folks who have spent a morning/ afternoon/ day at a resort - e.g. "hey I spent the day at Brighton/ totally worth doing/ bit crowded/ mad-made snow's not bad" ?
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I spend winters in Utah and use an app called Mountain Hub. It's getting better as more skiiers find it.
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If you are really looking for very up to date conditions reports by civilians I think you might be disappointed. With that said, PugSKI has forums on resorts and they have a grouping function so you can see all the Utah posts.

The community is really friendly and people are itching for the season to start in earnest so I bet they would be receptive to a question along the lines of, "which SLC area resort is in the best shape for an early season visit"?
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For other outdoor activities I've looked on Facebook for public posts and photos from people who just visited the site I'm considering. It's worked pretty well for me.
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I'm a Utahn and I work in the ski industry. While the skiing is not up to our usual standards around here, there is still lots of fun to be had. If you have a pass, go for it. If nothing else it will get you out of the pollution that builds in the valley during these high pressure systems. If you don't have a pass and are going to be paying full boat for a day lift ticket, I'd maybe save the money and wait for another storm to roll through. I think that skiing is always better than not skiing, but, I also have a season pass and taking my kids skiing every Sunday is just something we do from November to April.

Brighton does have a fair amount of terrain open and for the next two weeks they are doing Quad Wednesdays, where if you bring some warm clothing or food to donate you can get a $25 lift ticket. Pray for snow and I'll see you on the slopes!
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