Seeking personal trainer in West/South Seattle
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Misterben is looking for a private personal trainer to get back in shape. This person should work out of West Seattle, South Seattle, or Georgetown, be nonjudgmental but good with motivation and accountability, and be a good fit for non-athlete male clients of middle-age (male or female trainers are ok, but he’s noticed many female trainers market themselves strongly towards women). He’s not interested in the Y at this point. No one into woo-woo nutrition either.
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I (total non-athlete gym-hater) really like going to Rocket Crossfit in Hillman City. Crossfit, ugh, I know, but check out the owner's amazing take on inclusivity and fitness. It's the most welcoming fitness-oriented place I've ever been. Anyway, most of their trainers work with people one-on-one as personal trainers during non-class times. The owner is really cool, and I bet if you or your partner emailed her with what you're looking for, she could suggest a good trainer.
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It’s now been years since I’ve lived there, but Columbia City Fitness seems to be going strong. Bull and Flozzell had a great reputation in the community as just super nice and supportive people. Would definitely check out the possibilities there.
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