Pie filling for pie
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What's a good filling to mak with the following ingredients?

I've got:

-persimmons (scooped, not mushed yet)
-sliced apples (vertically, from. Bags)
-sliced almonds
-unsweetened coconut flakes
-Greek yogurt
-brown/white sugar/salt/basicspices
-citric acid

I'm making a pie for our house meeting tonight; blind baked the crust last night.

I was thinking of making a pudding with the persimmons, and decorating the top with apple slices and sliced almonds with some simple syrup on top. The only issue is the cooling time for this :(.

Any other ideas that can be served hot?
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You could just make a delicious apple/persimmon pie and not have to fuss with the pudding. (This has an oatmeal topping but don't see why you can't just use your crust instead.) The almonds would be great in there too. I would leave the coconut for another time.
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Best answer: I would chop the apples with the persimmons (and maybe some cornstarch or tapioca if you've got it) to soak up the juice. Then I would make a crumble top with the butter, sugar, cinnamon, coconut flakes, and some flour.

I would whip the Greek yogurt and serve alongside, sort of like how people do with apple pie and sour cream.
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You could do a frangipane with either the persimmons of the apples or both. Google serves up a bunch of recipes for persimmon-frangipane tarts, but they mostly seem to be slices, not pulp.
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Response by poster: Velveeta, blnkfrnk, should I hand squeeze the persimmon flesh I have to get more compact flesh? I probably didn't extract the insides the right way; I split the fruit in half and scooped it with a spoon.

Idk if what I currently have is firm enough to toss with the apples.
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I wouldn't squeeze the flesh. A few tablespoons of tapioca should help absorb the extra juice quite nicely. Also, apples have a ton of pectin. If you toss the persimmon with it, the apple should help the whole mixture set up quite nicely. Persimmon is one of my favorites, I'm sorry I'm not there to try it!
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Response by poster: So, should I just coarsely cut it, like I would boiled and skinned tomatoes?
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So, should I just coarsely cut it, like I would boiled and skinned tomatoes?

Yep. Reviewing the link from velveeta underground, it looks like you just need to peel and rough chop them into 1/2 inch chunks.
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Yeah, just toss some chunks in there. Maybe sprinkle some sugar. It doesn't have to be pretty, that's what the crumble top is for.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much for all your input!

Pie turned out great!
I'd never done a crumble before, but i put everything blnkfrnk mentioned in a food processor, and i got a large amount of dust. At first i put only half on top, and then i put the rest when i noticed that it was melting and dissolving.

The whipped greek yogurt wasn't firm enough, so i had added some fresh whipped cream which i had in the freezer, whipped those too together with some vanilla sugar, and put it back in the freezer.

Result: an insulin bomb with no equal, loved by all.
Thanks y'all!
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