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Which charity should I donate to?

A friend of mine is Mexican-American and she was devastated to hear stories of families being torn apart due to mass deportations in the US. I'd like to donate a good amount of money in her name to a charity that actively fights for these people. I'm aware of the ACLU but I'm wondering if there are alternative ones that are just are good. Ideally I'd like to send my friend a letter from said charity that thanks her and provides her with extensive information about their efforts.

Thank you!
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A friend of mine from college works for the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. I don't really know much about the organization, but I know this person and she's extremely smart, dedicated, involved, and just a truly good person, and I'd feel comfortable giving to this org if I were going to donate to folks doing this work in this part of the US.
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Great recommendations so far. I forgot to mention that she lives in California. I know it doesn't matter but she's been seeing a lot of it firsthand over there.
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Here were my top search results for immigrants and refugees nonprofit california. One point, nonprofits like to send a ton of mail. I can't tell from your post, so maybe you know this already, but definitely check with your friend first before telling any nonprofit her address.

California Organizations - National Immigration Legal Services Directory - Nonprofit Resource Center

Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants (CERI)


National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Border Angels

Rescue lives in Oakland, CA | International Rescue Committee (IRC)

World Relief Sacramento | Refugees in Northern California

in Immigrants & Refugees Volunteer Opportunities

Refugee Transitions
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I also like the Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights.
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How about Mobilize the Immigrant Vote?
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