Linzer Cookie Recipe, Please!
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I'm making linzer cookies for an office cook swap (they are due a week from Friday). I've never made them before and was planning to use the Serious Eats recipe, but is there a different one I should be using instead?

I'm not looking for anything fancy, just basic linzer cookies with raspberry. I have to make these on a weeknight after putting a toddler to bed so I'm looking for the best recipe that isn't incredibly time-consuming or finicky. Suggestions are welcome!

BONUS QUESTION: The Serious Eats recipe says to chill the dough for an hour but longer is probably okay, right? Like I could make the dough Wednesday and then make the cookies on Thursday?

Thank you!
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Hi! I make similar cookies every year. I use the Joy of Cooking Drei Augen recipe, which is almond-based instead of hazelnut, and I just cut a single hole so they become Linzers. They are somewhat time-consuming, though, no matter what. You've got to cut out the 2 different shapes, let them cool a little, then add the jelly and assemble.

Chilling the dough longer would be even better. Tip: after you mix the dough, roll it into a rectangle about the thickness of a novella and then wrap it tightly. It really helps when you go to roll out the cold dough that it's already close to the shape you want it and you aren't wrestling a giant lump into a flat sheet.

Also, I make a version with melted chocolate sandwiched in with the jam, but that's going to another step and requires more cooling since you can't sandwich them while the chocolate is hot.

HAve fun. People do love these cookies and can tell that they're special.
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Best answer: The Serious Eats recipe looks tasty, and I've never been let down by a recipe from them, but may I suggest you look over Smitten Kitchen's easier cookie making post before you actually get down to mixing the dough?

The food processor aspect of her suggestions might not work for a very large recipe, just because you might not fit everything in the food processor very well, but the 'roll warm, chill flat' suggestion has CHANGED MY COOKIE GAME. It makes everything impossibly easier to manage when making cut-out cookies of any sort.
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The scoop on chilling cookie dough.

TL;DR -- longer chilling intensifies cookie flavor, but can make your cookies come out darker and/or smaller.
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2nding Miko's Joy of Cooking suggestion. I've made them a few times, and they always come out great. Make sure they are fairly cool before adding jam so your filling doesn't escape.
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