Where to buy a Powerbook power supply?
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Where can I buy a power supply for a Macintosh Powerbook WallStreet?
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Froogle search for "powerbook wallstreet ac power adapter"
posted by junesix at 5:03 PM on January 28, 2006

Anywhere that sells Apple gear? You're not giving a whole lot to go on. (Where are you? Do you mean a shop or online? etc)

All G3 Powerbooks and the original colored iBooks have interchangable power supplies. Newer ones than that (PowerBook G4/white iBook) use a smaller plug.
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You can get all kinds of things for your Wallstreet Powerbook at Powerbookguy. Usually you can also find it on ebay, but, a quick search only yielded batteries and Wallstreet Powerbooks that sell for about what a power cord sells for.
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Other World Computing is awesome in general. Maybe this will work for you.
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I picked up a Targus "universal" mac/pc notebook adapter at CompUSA a few months ago for mine. It's a bit unwieldy around the plug (since you have to stick the proper adapter on the end of the cable) but it works. It was about $70 and came with a car/plane adapter as well. Model number 800-0092-001 A
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Wallstreet? Really, now, it's time to upgrade (at least that's what I tell my wife, who still has one.)

I got her replacement power supply at Other World, linked above. Better than the original.
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You might want to look at the power supplies for the 1st gen iBooks. They have the same attachment end and work better. They're the ones that look like a UFO. The wallstreet ps's suck, and are prone to breakage.
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