Mirroring desktop to tablet (remote desktop)
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I'm looking for a way to mirror a desktop Windows PC to an Android tablet.

This is being used to stream a PC desktop to a tablet for use during a presentation (e.g. powerpoint with presenter mode).

Currently, I'm using Splashtop Streamer, which works well because it transmits over the local wifi network, not the internet. However, it drops the signal intermittently so I have to reconnect which cause problems. I’ve tried other remote desktop software in the past (Chrome remote desktop, Windows remote desktop, Logmein and others) all had a significant amount of lag whereas I would be looking for as close to real time as possible (might be better now since I tried it a few years ago though). Teamviewer is another popular one, but it leaves a visible tab on the desktop (projection screen) which is a problem.

Are there any other options or solutions out there?

I understand that I could use a Chromecast or Roku to mirror a desktop to a TV, but I don't think it will work for the tablet, unless I am mistaken.

(posted previously, but looking for possible updated solutions)
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Best answer: It won't be Splashtop Streamer dropping the signal intermittently, but the underlying wireless connection. I strongly doubt you'd get a different result from running a different application over the top of that connection. Basically, Android wifi blows goats and always has. iOS is still not perfect but it's noticeably better.
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Best answer: if you have a long enough USB cable, this app (together with the PC program) should work (haven't tried it yet. I've been wanting to try it on an ipad).
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Best answer: Have you tried VNC? TightVNC is free for the PC and there should be an app for Android. Its connection doesn't go via any other servers, so should be quite fast.
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Best answer: I wouldn't bother with VNC. Of all the remote desktop protocols I've ever used, VNC is absolutely the laggiest.

Splashtop works much better by comparison. But no remote desktop protocol is going to operate successfully over a network connection that periodically drops out, as happens on every Android device I've ever seen.

Windows 10 wifi is pretty poxy as well. If the PC is also networked wirelessly, you might find you get a substantial reliability bump from wiring it instead.
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