Gift Quest : A MP3 recorder for kids?
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Are there any kid-safe, kid-friendly MP3 recoders/players suitable for 3 year olds? Thanks for any tips!!

Here's a 2009 Ask post which is about the same thing, but it only got a few cassette and player-focussed responses and I'm wondering if the tech has improved since then
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(the best lead from the 2009 thread was the SweetPea MP3 player. Unfortunately, it looks like that company is no longer operational ( the website is still up but all their products are out of stock, this last Facebook post was in 2014, and nothing comes up on Amazon))
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Although it hasn't been updated in 2 years, the iPod Touch (with a sturdy case) remains a good MP3 player that also allows parents to take advantage of the vast library of excellent educational apps (here's one list of examples).

Refurbished 6th generation models (which are absolutely as good as new) sell for $149/16GB and $169/32GB (worth the $20 for the addt'l onboard storage).

Here is Apple's article on parental controls, and a recent article on how to set them up for kids.
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Your problem is that electronics companies are not interested in marketing digital recorders to the toddler set. Everything is "SMALL! FITS IN YOUR SHIRT POCKET!," which means that little toddler fingers are not going to be adept at working small buttons/sliders.

The most basic one I could find (in terms of a big record/stop button) is this. Maybe use that as a starting point?
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If you can lay your hands on a Sweet Pea, maybe second hand, it's worth owning. I bought one for my daughter when she was little, and she still uses it and it still works perfectly (4 years later). Another one I looked at that was a bit expensive and maybe a little fancy, but still seems to be in production, is the Horbert player.
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