Is there a way to text people on my Macbook with my Android number?
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I recently got a Moto GP and a new number. I miss being able to text people from my Macbook using the Messages app. Please recommend a way for me to text people on my Macbook.

It seems the Message app on my laptop only allows accounts linked with my old iphone? I've heard of other messaging programs I could use, and am hoping for something that's not Facebook owned, though I guess I'll use that if I must.

Should I also just assume that with all of them, Facebook-owned or not, that there is no privacy whatsover when it comes to texting?

Thanks for your help.
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I use push bullet in chrome, works well but chrome has to be open so not as seamless as an all apple system.
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I use pushbullet too and I use my google voice number which I can use either on a browser page for GV or through and extension in Chrome. With Pushbullet, I can text from one phone on the other (I have three phones, three different numbers.).
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I use MightyText which is great not just for text messages, but shows all the notifications on my phone.
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Another Pushbullet user. My friends and family rue the day I became able to text them using a full keyboard.
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Pulse SMS. $11 for a lifetime subscription.
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You can also use email to send a text, but it depends on the cellular carrier. For T-Mobile:
Each mobile number has its own email address in this format: Example:
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I was using pushbullet, but have now switched over to Signal for this. I can text from my MacBook and also from my work Windows computer.
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Based on this thread, I'm gonna download Pushbullet and give it a try.

But I personally use Whatsapp for this. Your contacts need to also use Whatsapp, but in my family and friends groups, because some of us are on iPhone and some are on Android, we all use Whatsapp. It's a much better way to message, there are no size limits on videos, and it works on wifi only if one of us is out of the country, etc. I love being able to use it from my Android phone, my desktop and my laptop.
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Not sure about text messages but something like WhatsApp might be available via the Opera browser.
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I am not certain that you have that much of a problem. Apple products can text to other Apple products or to a non-iPhone phone, using its number. Android products can only text to a device which uses a phone number. Virtually everyone you text, I assume, is using either an iPhone or an Android phone, in each case connected to a number. For those who use Messaging on an iPad or a Mac, connected via WiFi, but who use an Android phone, you cannot text to the iPad or Mac without of the alternatives others have suggested, but you can still text to the Android phone.
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Not sure about text messages but something like WhatsApp might be available via the Opera browser

You don't need a special browser extension. WhatsApp has apps for Windows and Mac OS. You just download and install it, and then on your phone you connect them via the option "WhatsApp Web."
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You don't even need to install an app. You can use WhatsApp in any browser. Just go to

Sadly, they're owned by Facebook, who probably scrape every last bit of data they can get from WhatsApp to merge with what they already know about you, but they still respect the user in every other way possible -- no ads, no spam, no distractions. And voice and video calls work better than any other solution I've tried.
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You could port your new number (call it A) to Google Voice and have your carrier assign a replacement number to your new phone (call this B). Then within GV, have any calls/texts to A forwarded to B. You can then use the GV web interface for texting and if your number ever changes you can just add the new one to GV (assuming you only give out A and not B).

I did this back in 2006 and it’s been great.
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Just a little update: was using pushbullet for a few weeks but it looks like a subscription is now required to use it.

Will check out the other apps, thanks all.
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