Legwarmers to take off over shoes
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I would like a pair of legwarmers that I can slip on and off over a pair of athletic shoes (while wearing workout capris). I can't find anything like this online -- I don't care how they come off -- they can be extra stretchy or have a zipper, or something else, I just don't want to take my shoes off to put them on or take them off. Surely such a thing must exist -- where can I buy it?
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I think you might find what you want if you search for insulated gaiters, e.g., these.
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A dance wear shop might have something suitable. Probably designed for ballet dancers who are looking for leg warmers they can take off quickly and easily while wearing pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are less bulky than trainers, sure, but I think there'd be enough leeway.
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A search on Etsy for button legwarmers found these.

I assume you can look for zippers, snaps, etc. too
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I have a pair of ribbed Danskin leg warmers similar to these, and they are easily stretchy enough to remove over shoes. They stay up ok too.
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I have these and the pompoms are tie-string so you can stretch the cuff over shoes and then tighten a little. Note: the pompoms tend to come apart in the wash!
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