Take Me I'm Yours
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Who did the Pet Shop Boys-esque cover of Take Me, I'm Yours? I thought I heard a spacey, warm new wave version of it awhile back, but it definitely wasn't the bouncy Squeeze version. Maybe I'm imagining things. The Wiki article says there were several covers done.
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is it this: The Droyds "Take Me I'm Yours" (Squeeze cover)
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The Pet Shop Boys version is called "Breath Of Life", and it's quite good.

Lyrics: "Breath Of Life".
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DAMN! It's actually Erasure. Oopsie. So there you go.
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While I actually have heard and like that "Breath of Life" song, it's not actually a cover of the Squeeze song. It's its own song (look at the lyrics for the squeeze song).

Cover Project
doesn't have it, nor do they have The Droyds, so I'm thinking if it is The Droyds, it needs to be added. I'm assuming you ruled out Tim Curry.
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Heh, give this a listen.

(It's the Droyds version)
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I listened...they're named appropriately, aren't they?

I know it's not a cover, but it is the Pet-Shop-Boys-ish song that has the lyric "Take me, I'm yours,"...so I figured that was the one.

That's one of my favorite Erasure songs, so I knew it was "Breath Of Life" after about three seconds' thought. If that is what RolyPolyMan was looking for.

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*shrugs* Thought it had a "spacey, warm new wave" feel as well as being an actual cover. Nothing else, the link will help weed it out.
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Sorry, neither the Droyds nor Erasure. It's closer to the Erasure sound, but mellower.
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How do you know that it's not the Droyds nor Erasure, hodyoaten?
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hodyoaten = rolypolyman?
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