Looking for intersectional activities and discussion prompts
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I (a white, queer cis-woman) am helping revamp my org's training on allyship, marginalization, power and privilege. In the past, this training has been split over two days (10 - 5 both days) with the first class being centered on race and the second class centered on gender. Help me make them more intersectional!

This is a volunteer-run collective so I'm hoping to find internet-based resources so I can develop activities but also want to recognize where I might have blind spots based based on my axes of privilege.

The cohort is 15-20 people ranging in age from early 20s to late 30s.

I want to incorporate a greater consciousness around how identities intersect and to bring up topics that have previously not been discussed (ableism, colorism, immigration status, ageism etc.). Because these are both full day trainings, it is also important for it to be interactive.

In the past, the class on race has felt like "how do we teach white people about their privilege." I want these classes to be accessible to everyone in the room and not have the most marginalized folx serve as a teaching moment for the rest of the room.

Can you point me to resources, activities, blogs, books, etc. where I might find ideas for activities and discussion questions? I have folders and folders of reading material so I am not looking for articles that discuss intersectionality.
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The Ada Initiative has an Ally Skills workshop whose materials may be helpful to you. The workshop does focus on race and gender, but they try to be deliberately intersectional.
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Response by poster: Don't mean to threadsit but! This is for a social justice organization so looking for less corporate resources. Also prioritizing resources by women of color, disabled folx, trans folx
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I suggest doing gender on the first day, and race on the second day. Gender is easier to talk about and people are less defensive about it. Also sounds like you probably have more women than IBPOC in your group, another reason why patriarchy will be easier to talk about than race.
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Four Corners is a good activity that I just found out about via an immigrant rights activist. It is very adaptable, and the questions she used were similar to the ones listed in the "step into the circle" exercise in this (pretty good) list of activities from Stonehill College.
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