Sun lamp for fashion purposes
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I'm trying to buy a special kind of lamp for a gift. This is a lamp that puts out a sun-like solar spectrum which can be used for fashion photography.

I specifically am NOT searching for a lamp which puts out blue light for people with SAD. Those lamps do not put out a spectra which matches that of the sun, and fabric doesn't look like it will outside under that illumination. Unfortunately, my googling results only in therapeutic lamps. An old friend, who I'm not in contact with anymore, was a fashion designer and had one in her workshop. So I know they exist.

(Actually hers had several settings, one for sun, and several for various kinds of indoor illumination. That would be even better! But I'd be happy with just a pointer to a real sun lamp.)
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Full-spectrum craft lamps? Most large crafting stores will carry some different types.
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For photography, I personally would probably use flash rather than continuous light. But if you want continuous light, there are many products with high CRI and adjustable color temperature on the market. E.g. this or this.
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Can you give more details about what you're looking for (like what the original looked like and how much you would be willing/able to spend)?

There are a lot of photography studio lights that do what you describe (most of these have "daylight" as an option), but they are at all kinds of price points and sizes and levels of energy consumption.
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Yuji International sells high CRI a19 bulbs in a variety of color temperatures, if you’re looking for something less intense/expensive than a studio light kit. They also sell LED emitters in various sizes, which I have used for DIY lighting instruments in this space. I can’t vouch for their a19 bulbs but the COB arrays I purchased are pretty great.
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There are many options for continuous (not strobe/flash) likes that mimic daylight/sunlight/natural light--just look for bulbs with a color temperature closest to the type of daylight you want to mimic, and put them in whatever type of lamp-like contraption you like.

I have a very inexpensive photography studio light stand with a 5500K bulb. I'm not generally concerned with how clothing color turns out because that's not important for the type of photography I do, but the color is generally true, so I do sometimes switch this light on when I'm trying on new lipstick to make sure it looks good outside. :)
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