I need a new Seattle coffee shop
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Tell me about your favorite Seattle coffee shop!

I need some new places to go to in neighborhoods I don't frequent very often - I've got Phinney/Ballard/Greenwood/Green Lake pretty well covered but would love suggestions for south, east, southwest, west...even Burien! Favorites include the Allegro in the U-district, Diva and Chocolati in Greenwood, Bambino in West Woodland. I'm not a huge coffee snob but love a place that does a great cappuccino.
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Best answer: I like Post Alley in the U District a lot because there's usually comfortable seating and lots of natural light, and the coffee is good imo. Solstice in Cap Hill is my Sunday morning hang spot but it gets pretty packed by midday. It's a good place for people watching. Muddy Cup in Wallingford is kitchy and entertaining in a "your grumpy anti-capitalist grandma intent on roasting her own coffee" kind of way.
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Fix in Greenlake is big but has a nice vibe. Also has some food options.
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Wayward Coffeehouse is fun if you're a Firefly/Serenity fan, or even just a regular geek.
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C&P Coffee in West Seattle and Dubsea coffee in White Center.
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Ada's in capitol hill!
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Joe Bar, across form the Harvard Exit
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Vivace in Capitol Hill.
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Broadcast has locations in Roosevelt and in the Central District. Their coffee is excellent.

the La Marzocco cafe in the KEXP building in Seattle Center is a great place to get coffee and hangout.

Cafe Victrola has a few locations including Beacon Hill.

And just in case you're going as far south as Tacoma I will shout out Bluebeard.

Also will second Wayward Coffee (not the vegan restaurant, which may also be good, but I don't know) in Roosevelt. Great place to hangout.
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Best answer: I guess the Last Exit on Brooklyn is long gone?
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Caffe Vita has several locations; I'm a fan especially of the Fremont & Seward Park spots

Milstead and Co. in Fremont

Broadcast in Roosevelt

Caffe Fiore in Queen Anne or West Seattle
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I can't speak to cappuccinos, but I had a good macchiato at Tin Umbrella in Columbia City.

Same for Caffe Ladro, locations all over.
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Best answer: Do you like cozy? Cederberg Tea House in Queen Anne has cappuccinos in both coffee and rooibos varieties. They also have couches by a fire!
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The Station has good coffee and good politics, is right across the street from the Beacon Hill light rail station, and is people of color owned. The owners and the business were in Beacon Hill before the outta-control gentrification set in, they have good sandwiches and amazing biscuits, and their customers are an interesting crowd. They're more bustling than quiet most of the time, but they're good people and a very positive force in the neighborhood.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, it looks like I've got a few places to put on my list!

k8t - I think Fix may be closed, at least according to Yelp. I think it used to be Forza Coffee a few years back?

sammyo - I miss the Last Exit so much! I think that's where I had my first real espresso.
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