Looking for an all-purpose, all-season turf/hiking/trail shoe.
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Do you have a favorite turf/hiking/trail running shoe? If so let me know, details inside.

Would like something to wear year round, so not super ventilated or insulated. Definitely a shoe, not a boot. For turf shoes not actual cleats, something more on the training or practicing end. Looking for something with more aggressive tread than a typical walking or service shoe.

These will very rarely rarely if ever be run in, lots of walking and cycling. Cheaper's better but I'll pay more for something that's genuinely good and will last. Brand doesn't matter, would prefer something available in black or dark gray.
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Oboz trail running shoes are good for thos purpose.
posted by Kalmya at 4:57 PM on December 4, 2017

I love my La Sportiva mid-height GTX shoes (I think they're calling it Synthesis now). Fits the turf/hiking/trail shoe in your title but it's not cheap. Very lightweight but strong and breathable. I use them for both backpacking trips (rugged trail conditions carrying heavy weight) and lighter trail running and walking and general athletics.
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i love the fit and durability of the keen austin. the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn.
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