What is the ideal email marketing workflow model for multiple clients?
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Struggling to find an example of the best process for some email marketing - the approvals of copy, through to the launch of the final email for our unique sort-of, but not really franchise model. Any thoughts, experience or examples? Nitty gritty inside.

Not necessarily looking for an answer (obviously a lot varies on team size and abilities) but having trouble even finding an example of anyone who is doing this. Am I researching something that doesn't exist?

We have a number of clients that we send emails for - its almost like a franchise model in that we send essentially the same email for multiple clients. The difference is they get some input - unlike say McDonald's corp sending emails for all their restaurants. However, their input in very minimal and mostly approval process. it is a bit like mass customization.

I am struggling to find the right flow once the raw copy comes in to version for multiple clients, share the copy with them, proof, build the html, make sure the email gets sent, etc. We are talking up to 600-700 unique emails a month (30ish pieces of email copy then reversioned for 20+ clients) with a relatively small team.

It is a challenge as it is an agency model in many ways, but also the franchise model, as I mentioned.
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My parents got a direct mail piece from Ford recently. They rang the local Ford garage (a relatively big dealership) inquiring about the "special offer". No one in the dealership had a clue about it. The offer went was sent from some regional HQ of Ford on behalf of the franchisee garages. I'm guessing the franchisee garages had no input into it whatsoever. I presume this is way it's done in a lot of franchise models. The franchisees are too busy selling / running their businesses to peruse over copy for an email campaign. Maybe just do it but make sure all franchisees are given the opportunity to come forward and give their input.
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