Looking for a cheaper version of Carrie Fisher's earrings
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On the promo tour for The Force Awakens, Carrie Fisher wore gorgeous starburst earrings. The ones she actually wore are somewhat outside my budget and I've spent a lot of time trawling fashion jewelry shops, Etsy and Ali Express for something in that general starburst shape and size. Can anyone help me find a non-Hollywood-priced lookalike pair?
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What about these? too organic, not spikey enough?

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Also, I think she takes custom orders, so you could work from that base and modify.
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Yeah, these are not quite the style and... still a bit expensive. I'm looking for something in the fashion/costume jewelry price range.
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I'm sure you've seen these... they seem to be as close as AliExpress will get you, which is, alas, not very close.
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The closest I can find in that price range are decidedly more garish - see these and these. What you're looking for almost seems simple enough that making a pair at a DIY earring shop (if you have one locally) might be your best bet. having a crafter make them for you would likely run you close to that $100 price tag.
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They also look quite retro/1950s in their structure - you might find a bargain at a flea market or thrift shop that carries jewelry from that time period.
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Actually... try searching "starburst" on Etsy and filter by vintage and price-point (and materials, if you have your heart set on gold), and have a look at what's there. I'm seeing stuff that more closely resembles the shape of the original, I think.
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These earrings have a 60s / Atomic Age vibe to them. You could try adding "Atomic", "Space Age", "Retro," "Mid-Century", "Sputnik", or "Googie" to your search terms to find some additional examples. Adding any of those terms to "starburst drop earrings" is getting me results, though I'm not sure if any of them are close enough to match your desired look.

- Here's a pair that's smaller than your example but similar in design, for under $10: Gold-tone starburst earrings
- Under $50, with many more rhinestones than your example: Gold Embellished Sputnik Earrings
- $32, black, different in many respects but similar enough in size & shape that it could potentially be adapted: Black Star Earrings. This one is also sea-urchin inspired (like Carrie Fisher's), and the silhouette has a lot in common with your inspiration. It might be worth contacting this maker (or trying yourself) to have them painted gold and modifying the way they hang from the earring hook.

I'm not finding anything that's an exact match for what you want. If you really want that exact look, I second the suggestion to try making it yourself or finding a local maker who can do it for you. Long gold tube beads exist online, so it seems possible. You could even 3D print or laser cut your own, and mount a rhinestone to it yourself.
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I feel like these come pretty darn close, at $55: Jules Smith Supernova drop earrings from Bloomingdale's.
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To me, they look like compass points. I would add those words to your search, that is if the Jules Smith ones are still out of your price range.

I might also try searching for slim, plain goldtone crosses. If you can find four that are evenly balanced, you might be able to position one + on top of the other, glue it in place with Araldite, and then glue a tiny rhinestone on top. You would need wire cutters to trim off the findings of the + you were gluing.
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Wow, the Jules Smith ones are just about exact duplicates. Now all I need to do is find someone who'll happen to be in the US soon, because shipping adds another $25. Marking ouroboros's answer as well because the Sputnik earrings go on my wishlist as well.
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