What's going on with my boobs?
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YANMD. Both of my breasts started hurting a week ago. They're heavy, sore, and my nippes are so tender it's a bear to put on a bra or shirt. I'm two years into menopause and am absolutely not pregnant. What gives?

This feels like a combo of "my period is coming" and "I just gave birth and my milk is coming in" but I haven't had a period in almost two years. Nothing else in my life has changed lately, and given that both breasts are hurting at the same time, I'm assuming it's something systemic not an injury.

Other details:
-- my skin on both breasts is fine -- nothing raw or chapped or red
-- I don't take any kind of hormonal medication
-- no change in bras
-- no different detergents or soaps or anything like that
-- I live in a mild climate so it hasn't been particularly cold
-- this is all day, all night
-- my breasts haven't been overstimulated, via sex or otherwise
-- no discharge from my nipples

So what gives? I can go to the doctor, though it's difficult to get a gyno appointment and I don't think I'm eligible for that until February. I'd rather not go to my GP with this because he's a man. I will, however, if it sounds necessary.

Looking forward to your advice.
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This is a medical problem that needs GP review. If you have a GP you can't go to with genuine health concerns you need a new GP.
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It sounds like, since the discomfort is bilateral, it is likely a hormonal issue. Maybe, just for shits and giggles, you should go ahead and drop the cash for a pregnancy test. I know you said you’ve not menstruated in a couple years, but stranger things have happened. At least rule it completely out. Do you have a Planned Parenthood where you live? Maybe skip on down to them, instead of your GP, if your test is negative.
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Sounds like you may be perimenopausal even though you haven't had a period in almost two years, if I understand you correctly. I went for almost a year without at the age of 51 only to have them come back perfectly normal. My Dr. said it isn't unusual in this age. I could feel the hormones come back as you describe. I had my FSH levels tested and last year they were ~75 and now they are back to ~15, which is well within the range of a non menopausal woman, although a bit high. As an aside, my Dr. has assured me over and over that I have a very, very unlikely chance of getting pregnant anyway given my age. Also, he said I have to go back to 0 to start tallying up my nonperiod months to claim menopause (1 year).
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I am 52 and thought I'd made it to the magical 12-month mark without a period, when out of the blue about a month ago, my breasts felt swollen and tender. WTF? I said to myself. Next thing I knew, I had my period. I am now having my period again, after another period of swollen breasts and finding myself wanting to ask my partner if my stomach looked bloated.

Resetting the counter to 0 is very sad. I feel that I have earned my menopause. I hope my hormones' last hurrah doesn't drag on too long.
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Seconding go to a planned parenthood if that's an option. This is the kind of thing they're very good at figuring out.
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Definitely see a medical professional about this, but if they say everything's OK but you're still sore, try taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules-- they've helped me through a similar issue.
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I had this recently. My doctor advised drinking less coffee. This helped.
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When was your last mammogram? If this continues, consider being evaluated for more serious concerns.
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