Where are all the natural nature photographs?
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Where are all the nature photographs at? I am looking for photos (or sites that reliably host them) of forests, deserts, tundras, what-have-you, which are NOT retouched or color saturated. This can be anything from an artist's portfolio to family vacations, it just has to be real.

Kind of tricky to google for obvious reasons.
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Now I do not have the eye you have, but have you tried Unsplash? Here is the link to unsplash.
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I've subscribed to Stochastic Planet for years, probably since this FPP.
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Nat. Geo. always has tons of great nature photos, not hevaily retouched or shopped.
flickr. Instead of using google search, try using flickr search.
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Free Large Photos has a lot of these, it's run by a friend of mine (depiste the somewhat spammy sounding URL) and not all the stuff is natural, a lot is.
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You could try flickr.com and look for groups with scenic in the name.

The bad news is there are tons of them.

I tried searching for "unretouched scenic" and there were no hits, unfortunately.
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Many photography contests have rules against retouched photos. For example, from the Nature Conservancy's rules: "Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization (removal of dust, cropping, reasonable adjustments to exposure, color and contrast, etc.) will be disqualified." So, you could do an image search for nature photography contest winners or something like that.
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