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I'm looking for a really simple photo viewing app that does not have options for sharing or editing, but is just a viewer. I would like videos to work, and to manually progress through pictures (not an automatic slideshow). Does such a thing exist? Looking for both Android and iOS apps.

Again, it's important that sharing, editing, and deleting are not options within the app. Having a viewing mode that you can easily back out of is not sufficient. I can't find a photo viewing app that's just a viewing app, but I may not be searching for the right thing.
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When you say, "can't back out of" do you mean that once you start looking at a series of photos or videos you have to go all the way through to the end? Or do you mean that the app can't have a "view photos without the possibility of sharing" mode but also have a "view photos and be able to share them" mode?

It would be helpful to know your motivation here. Do you want to let your kids look at photos but not share them or something, or is this for a commercial setting, something like a kiosk.
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