Suggestions for winter hiking groups, guided hikes
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Avid hiker here. This winter, help me escape the dreary Northwest for a few weekend hikes (2-3 night camps) somewhere warmer and sunnier.

Looks like the Sierra Club offers lots of guided hikes but they're all about a week long, which is too long for me.

Open to paying money for guided hikes, but would also love to hear any recommendations for really solid hiking groups I could join. Something a bit more established/structured than meetups.

These groups can be located anywhere, but I'm specifically looking for groups that will be doing hikes in sunnier, drier locations this winter.

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Look into your local chapter of the Sierra club (rather than national outings) - they'll have shorter overnights.
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Add on to Toddles: maybe look for other local Sierra Club chapters in places you'd like to hike?

The San Diego chapter of the Sierra Club has a really active outings section (day hikes and backpacks), and winter is prime hiking season around here, especially for the desert (definitely drier and sunnier, may or may not be warmer). Most of the backpacks are a single night.

The chapter runs a backpacking class from Jan - Apr, so many of the leaders will be busy with that. However, I'm guessing there will be a rush of outings in Dec and Jan as people try to get their leadership certs done before the class (I'm one of those people, though I won't be doing any overnights).

Our chapter also does holiday-weekend bus trips, though I don't think there are any warm weather ones planned for the next few months. It's probably worth checking with other chapters though!
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