Tenderers tender tenders and tender bid tenders to tenders?
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Please explain the difference between bid and tender to me like I am 5.

I often have to translate documents about tenders, and I get a bit lost with the terminology.

The way I currently understand it, the whole process is called a tender, and bidders submit bids to the tender to win a contract. Is that correct?

But I have also seen documents referring to tenderers submitting tenders. Is that something else?

To further confuse things, I have read about 'tenderers tendering bids' 'bid tenders' which starts to sound like gobbledegook.

Any explanation I find online seems to be contradicted somewhere else.

Resources I have looked at: https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/bid-tender.1968235/

Can anyone shine some light?
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This Wikipedia article and the related terms linked there will help.
posted by yclipse at 1:56 PM on December 3, 2017

It contradicts because there isn't really a rule. They are essentially the same, although usage will vary by organisation, industry and sometimes what side of the business relationship you're on.
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