Help me find Marina's large black disc earrings in S1 of "The Magicians"
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Help me find these earrings, please!

I recently whiled away a couple of sick days binging through Season 1 of "The Magicians"--which was delightful, btw--and I was struck by the amazing earrings that Marina wore. They appear to be large flat matte black discs, about 2" or more in diameter, and they seem to be studs, not dangles.

Internet, I WANT THEM. Google has failed me, however, and I've been wading through Etsy forever, with no luck. Have you seen these anywhere, and do you have any idea where can I buy them?
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Best answer: are they these?
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You'll need a login to look at these, but there might be a pair on there? These look to be black wood effect while hers look more matte plastic. There are pair of plastic ones, but they're black and white, not plain black.
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Response by poster: We have a winner. Thank you!
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