Name that sleazy c-list character actor from the 80s
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I am trying to name a crappy movie actor that I remember from the 80s, although he probably worked earlier than that (definitely has a 70s vibe) and into the 90s. As I remember him, he always played the creepy, bit sleazy, New York-ish, guy. He would be the snitch, or the drugged out criminal, or the like.

A bit more detail:

He was medium hight, slight build, always a bit 'greasy', thinning black hair that was always a bit too long to be considered pleasing, and I think kind of googley eyed.

He was also kinda hyper and manic, with darting moves.

I seem to remember him being in b-movies, really bad teen-age sex romps, and bad horror movies. I don't think he ever did anything big, but may have. He'd be one of the bad guys in an after-dark cable video production.

Any ideas? It's been driving me mad because I can picture him, but he's always been one of those "oh, that guy" actors.
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Can you name at least one movie he was in?
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This thing doesn't look like it's been updated in a while, but it's a good starting point for "that guy" character actors.
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@Empress, understandably, if I knew a movie he was in I could just IMDB.

@Mister Moodoo, I didn’t see him on the list.

I’ve done as much googling as I could think of and poured over lists, but I think this is such a low grade, bad movie actor, he not in the typical B-movie lineup. Hence turning to AskMe.
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Dan Hedaya?
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It’s not Dan Hedaya. Not anywhere near as well known or as high-profile as actors at his level.
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Maybe the late great Vincent Schiavelli?
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Bruce Kirby? I only know his name because it's the same as some locally. Ok know he was in the Riickford Files, maybe more than once.
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Billy Drago?
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Even if you can’t name a movie, do you remember enough about the plot of one of his movies to help us help you ID it?
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Charles Dierkop?
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Anthony James?
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To me this sounds like Robert Romanus (played Mike Damone in Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
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But I thought he was great in that part and I mainly remember him from tv (days of our lives) so maybe not.
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Taylor Negron?
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None of the suggestions so far.

As far as movies, I don’t remember him being in anything well known. As an example of a role he might have played, he’d be the guy who played a junkie on a cop drama or the snivelling wise-guy on a Cinemax crime drama. But I seem to remember him being slightly comedic. His eyes always look sleepy, or heavy-lidded. If he ever was in even a minor Hollywood film, I can’t say. Think schlock horror or cable sex comedy. It’s vexing, as he’s not well known. Hence my problem placing him.
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Btw, these are all great guesses but the common thread is that they are well-known “that guy “ actors. This guy is much more obscure.
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Joe Estevez?
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Tracy Walter?
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Oh boy, I’m not sure I can handle another one of these threads, I’m still exhausted from the last one. But here’s my guess: Are you thinking of Larry Hankin?

This list might help you out.
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@ejs That was a comprehensive list, but alas, he's not one of them.

I think the most defining feature would be the eyes. He has that perpetually half-open eyelid look, but I seem to remember that they are also a bit bug-eyed.

He's comes across as squirrelly. Janky movements.

I would guess he's originally from a New York borough.

Thin black hair with stringy bangs that often covered his forehead.

He likely would have been in his 40s in the mid 80s.

More often than not, I remember him playing comedic roles, but he wasn't necessarily a funny actor. More of a schlimazel.

That being said, a bunch of previous suggestions kinda hit the mark, but they're not this guy.
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I'm not hazarding a guess, but given his age, character type, and possible NY origins, you may want to investigate early Law and Order episodes.
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@Iris Gambol "you may want to investigate early Law and Order episodes".

I don't remember this actor ever being in anything prime time or even medium budget. But, yeah, he's that kind of character.
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Probably too high-profile, but I was reminded of Don Calfa, who was great on Barney Miller.
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I can't believe it. That's the guy, Don Calfa. adventitious, you deserve all the internet points.

Turns out he's much more prolific than I had assumed. Thanks!
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