Tattoo like Lisa Orth that I'll actually be able to get in the next year
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Who is the best woodcut tattoo artist on the East Coast?

I love love love Lisa Orth's style of tattooing. I have a design in mind. But I don't think I'll ever get an appointment with her, and if I do, if I'll be able to make it out to the West Coast just to get inked. This tattoo is important and symbolic to me, and something I'd like to have sooner rather than maybe an entire year from now. I am having trouble finding someone who does similar woodcut tattoos of equivalent skill on the East Coast, although there seem to be a few in CA and the Pacific Northwest.

I'm in Philly and I'd like to go somewhere reasonable from there. So, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Jersey, etc. This is my first tattoo. It would be based on an existing piece of (sculptural) art, although I'm not looking for a pure replica sketch of that, but rather an interpretation. Just blue/black, although I would consider a small accent of just one other color.

Price isn't an issue, or gender. Personal experience recs are great! Thanks so much.
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Anna Henzy at Frequency Tattoo Co. in East Falls did this one that is in that style. I haven't been to her but I've heard good things about the shop.
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Check out East River Tattoo. I haven't worked with them yet, but I've heard good things, and I have my eye on them for my next tattoo if I can't meet up with my previous artist (who moved out of the country, dangit). None of their artists quite have that hard-woodcut-but-open-fluidity style of Orth's, but depending on your design, I think several people there have styles that could work out. Liam is a sculptor, which might be helpful given the source material of your desired tattoo.
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I know a handful of people in Philly and elsewhere who've gotten beautiful woodcut-style work from Noel'le Longhaul. It's a hike for sure (they're in western Massachusetts), but IMHO the art is worth it.
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No'elle is amazing and very busy. Emi Lynn Holler has a similar woodcut style and seems a bit more accessible (also in western MA). Look for her on Instagram @emi.lynn.holler . (I'm not a client, just a fan.)
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I'm super late, but Jessi Cramer (@jcramer_tattoos) is based in Pittsburgh and has a similar style. I'm meeting with her soon on my first which will also be woodcut-inspired. So far my conversations with her have been awesome!
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