Bitter melon served, greater Seattle area?
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Looking for any restaurant that serves bitter melon dishes (East and Southeast Asian or Okinawan) in the Seattle area or north to Everett. I am Googling but not finding one, does anyone here know of a place I can find some? Particularly interested in pork and bitter melon stir fry or bitter melon stuffed with pork etc. I have been searching "traditional Chinese restaurant" and looking at menus, no luck so far. Thanks!
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Kau Kau in the I D has a couple reviews that mention bitter melon. I can't find it on the menu but its worth a try.
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This is probably going to be a special order / call ahead, then bring two or three bitter melon yourself to the restaurant type of deal, possibly to Seven Star Pepper (in the ID) or Dumpling Generation (up Aurora). Most people who eat bitter melon will cook it themselves (and rue the lack of real gas heat and a hefty enough range hood).

That said, if this Zomato menu is up to date, you might try Fortune Garden, #98, under Pork.
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Facing East, an excellent Taiwanese restaurant in Bellevue, has bitter melon with salty egg on their menu. The reviews say it's stir fried and one of their better dishes. If you go there, make sure you also order the Taiwanese Pork Burger. They often have a line, but you can text ahead to get on the waitlist.
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Yelp is your friend on this one.
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Seconding the Yelp recommendation and running a search for both “bitter melon” and “bittermelon”. If you like or are interested in trying Filipino food, also look for “ampalaya”: I get just one restaurant result (it’s in Kent), but it has a couple of bitter melon dishes on the menu (pinakbet and ginisang ampalaya).
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