Reccomend Integrated Wireless Keyboard+Mousing Devices
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I'm looking for the best wireless keyboard with a built-in pointing device for couch computing.

I've moved house and my primary computing environment has become my living room, sitting on my couch with 2 ultrawide monitors (not TVs) side-by-side on the coffee table about 4 feet away. I made do with wired keyboards and mice for a while but they were constantly getting tangled in feet or caught in cushions.

I have a Logitech K400r that I got on a whim because it was available locally for twenty bucks. It's ok, but the touchpad is pretty dreadful. The main problems I have with it are using it like you would a mouse to actually get stuff done. It mis-clicks, drops hold actions, and registers ghost clicks all the time. It's fine for just web browsing, clicking links, clicking buttons on forms and the like, but if I try to do any more advanced mousing than that it fails utterly and aggravates. Selecting multiple items, selecting text to copy, dragging items, and similar actions are all very hit or miss, take multiple tries to accomplish, and can potentially lead to some pretty negative input situations.

The Unifying Receiver is sitting dead center of the coffee table with clear LoS so I feel like it's an inherent flaw of the system, and I'm wary about spending more money on a higher-end Logitech that potentially has the same issues. I've done some web searching but it's a somewhat polluted search term with lots of articles about the best wireless keyboard and/or or the best wireless mouse, not necessarily the best single unit with a keyboard and a pointing option in one.

I'm not particularly interested in mechanical "gamer" keyboard stuff but if that's the best integrated thing available then I'd at least consider it. The keyboard portion of the K400r is perfectly adequate for my use, it's just the dang dropped touchpad inputs that I hate. Backlighting is not required, not is it a dealbreaker if the device has it.

What are some good single-unit keyboard + mousely input devices for me to look at and/or what is a better search term to try to filter out all the standalone wireless keyboard and mouse options?
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Although I'm a Windows and Android fan, I have to admit that Apple's track pads are a step above everyone else. Would a track pad like this work (or not in a combo) or does it need to be an all-in-one solution?

I haven't used one in a while, but would a "pointing stick" be better, like in this keyboard?

I think a search term you may want to try is "all-in-one."
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I have a K400. When I got it I looked for a good while for something better but it seemed the best option. The trackpad isn't awful (believe me, they get worse) but it's not great either. One thing I've found helps a bit is using the handy yellow "mouse click" button in the upper-left corner instead of the buttons under the trackpad.

I believe it's also possible to disable "tap to click" in Windows somehow, but I haven't bothered to do so with mine since I mostly just use it to queue up videos on the TV.

There are any number of wireless mice that would work way better if you're trying to do real computer stuff with it. If it's a Logitech mouse and it supports Unifying Receiver, you can even program them to use the same USB dongle.
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I know Microsoft makes a similar keyboard to your Logitech one, but I haven't used it for productivity tasks, so I'd hesitate to recommend it to you on that basis. I wonder if you might be better served with a trackball or mouse and a lap desk or something.
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I always used a separate wireless laser mouse for this. They work fine on couches and such, so no need to use whatever is on the keyboard itself. I did often consider getting one of the USB Unicomp Model Ms with the built in trackpoint nub since it would only be one cable for both keyboard and mouse, but never bothered since the regular old mouse worked just fine.
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I also have a K400r. It doesn't have the issues you describe. It may be worth trying new batteries, or moving the receiver away from any sources of radio interference using a short USB extension.

Even though it works, I still find it pretty tedious to use. I agree that Apple touch pads are much better, you can get a dock to join one and a keyboard together.
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