Basketball players wearing masks?
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I was at a college women's basketball game last night, and two of the players had on clear plastic masks covering the top half of their faces. Any idea why?
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Most likely a broken nose.
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Nose or face protection, probably. You'll often see it on players with a broken nose or cheekbone. The broken bone is healing fine, and doesn't affect their performance, but they don't want to get hit there while it's still healing, or even after it's healed. Sometimes for you'll see it for eye problems (scratched cornea, clogged tearducts) as well, but it's usually for protection.
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It seemed odd, though, that two of their players would be wearing them (not that they couldn't both have broken noses, it just seems unlikely). Also, there weren't any bruises or other indications of injury that I could see.
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Lots of people get broken noses in basketball. Two on one team isn't outside the realm of possibilty. But that's what they're for: protection.
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Like this? Excerpt:
James broke his left cheek Wednesday when he was elbowed by Houston Rockets center Dikembe Mutombo.

James was fitted for the mask Monday morning in Cleveland, then boarded the Cavaliers' team plane to fly to Charlotte for the game.

In warm-ups, he shot without the mask, then reluctantly donned it during the game.
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Extrememly brief SpoFi thread but a good article linked.

I also read somewhere (can't find the article now, of course) that players get so used to the mask that they find it psychologically difficult to play without it. It's their literal game face: when they put it on, they're in game mode. It puts them in the zone. This might explain why there were two players with it; they might not both have been injured.
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One famous example of this : Richard Hamilton, who apparently has little or no cartilage in his nose at this point. Ouch.
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mbrubeck: yep, like that, except also covering the nose.

Thanks for the answers, all.
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Breaking a nose hurts like almost nothing else. Once you've gone thru that, you NEVER want it to happen again. Many players will wear those masks long after they need to just for the added confidense they need to know they can drive hard to the lane, land on their face and not break it again.

In addition to being painful, they take a long time to heal so often they are worn for a year or so as required by a player's or a school's insurance.
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I thought the were actually unbreakable eyeglasses.
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