Need Portland Periodontist, Ideally female
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Asking for a friend who needs a periodontist willing to do an implant using her own bone, not bovine, ideally a female periodontist and someone who is a really, really good listener.

My friend is moving to Portland soon and really needs this attended to. She knows her body well, she's not interested in dealing with anyone who dismisses her own experience, and she's been through a hellish year (she was doored while riding her bike, so the dental thing is just one more physical insult). Hey Portlanders, can you recommend anyone?
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I assume/hope you mean Portland OR? My mom has been a hygienist there for many years; I've emailed her your post to see if she has any advice.
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Response by poster: Oops! Yes, indeed, Portland, Oregon. Thanks, librarina!
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I sent you a memail!
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