Noisy Cybertronic gaming computer
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After a Nvidia update, and Mozilla update, and my grandson setting up some epic games, and using the xbox for the first time; my computer sounds like a sparrow with OCD is frantically typing the same short bit over and over, after hitting the return bar in a manual typewriter. At times it sounds like the machine takes a deep breath. So, does anyone know about this? It makes so much noise it is unpleasant, and this is a new machine, year and a quarter old. I got it for the ram and the video card.
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Best answer: Fractured bearing in one of the fans? You should be able to tell by taking the cover off and briefly stopping them in turn.
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To be clear, this is a mechanical noise and not something coming out of your speakers? I agree that it's likely related to a fan.
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Best answer: I assume this is a desktop computer and the sound is coming from the tower, so I would think it's a moving part, like either a fan or a hard disk drive. Are you comfortable opening it up and having a look and listening to narrow down the source?
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I bet there's a wire getting hit by a fan. Take the cover off and turn the computer on.
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Response by poster: OK I have to take that big tower out from its inconvenient location, and I will look. Nothing changed it was not moved, it is not where it can be kicked or disturbed, I vacuum the intakes to keep it free from dust, so yeah, I will break the whole thing down and set it up in front of a light so I can watch it run. Thank you folks.
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Usually with a noise like that I spank the fan-containing area of the case and it goes away. For a while.
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Response by poster: This thing has six fans, tried the concerted whack, no. It is like galloping, I will just take the whole thing apart, the spaghetti, the inconvenient location. Yup, and thanks to you all.
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Galloping sounds like a fan going bad.

Short, high pitched sounds could be a hard drive working hard, could be caused by software. Might be normal.
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Response by poster: OK Zotac right hand fan loose and making all the noise. I have to take it in somewhere for replacement. I did clean it though. Egads.
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