How to automatically leave a daily pre-recorded voicemail ?
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Hello, I'm on the waiting list for a highly sought after service. To be eligible, i have to call a specific phone number every day and leave a voicemail with my name. When new memberships become available, the company in charge will select new recipients amongst the voicemails they'e received that day.

How can i automate this tedious process? Ideally i'd want to pre-record the message once, then somehow have it delivered every morning to the same phone number. If it matters, that phone number is used only for receiving these voicemails of waiting list names.

Free and easy is best of course, i'm willing to pay a small sum for an app or similar if it does the job.

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Response by poster: Forgot to add if relevant, I'm in the Netherlands, would be leaving the voicemails on a local landline.
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You could use a service like Twilio to build something like this, but it would require a small amount of programming.

You would pay per call but their rates aren't expensive so this part could be fairly cheap.
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