Looking for a particular short story/essay about teeth and death.
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I'm trying to find a particular short story/essay that I read online in the last few years. The thesis was that teeth are constant reminders of death for humans and animals.

Sometime in the last 2-3 years, I came across someone's personal website (possibly via Metafilter) where they shared self-published essays and short stories. I believe that this this person was not a published author or public figure. In addition to a collection of stories and essays, this person also sold ebooks (?) of limited edition short stories that they claimed would be destroyed after a certain amount of time. I don't think the particular story I seed was one of these limited editions.

The story/essay I'm trying to find discussed the idea that teeth are like gravestones. Animal lifespans (I'm sure he mentioned elephants) are strictly limited by how many sets of teeth they can grow. Humans have defeated this particular limitation through dentistry.

I recall that the website was pretty sparse and monochrome. I don't think there were any images. Does any of this ring a bell?
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Best answer: Oh my goodness I never get these. Uel Aramchek, 'On Teeth' @ northofreality.com. I did once spend a very long time trying to re-find this writer a while ago. Thanks for mentioning the website style as it was a big clue.
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Best answer: The thing about some of the author's stories having a limited lifespan rang a bell and I recalled that I might have written a comment on the MeFi post about that site and, after a couple of minutes' searching through my comment history, I found that indeed I did, only to realise that if I'd read lokta's comment first I could have saved myself the trouble!
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Response by poster: That's it. Thank you both very much!
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