Help me find a Lego parts website I've lost
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There seem to be lots of sites where you upload a parts list and it gives you a list of shops, but I'm looking for a specific site / tool. This one had (for me) the killer feature of showing you a grid with parts down the left and the stores along the top, so you could effectively shop all stores at once. What the heck was the name of the site / tool?
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Response by poster: I thought it was brinklink, but all the options from the wanted list just seem to offer me a list of stores rather than the grid.

Am I being really dense and missing an important link?
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bricklink is a little strange -- you can search on a set and it will show you all the stores selling that set (in a list-view, and sometimes pieces in the set), and if you open a particular store, you can see *just* what that store sells in the left-hand pane (by set and piece).

(its UI has changed a little over time -- since I was looking up train parts last week, but hadn't logged in for ~4-5 years, and it looked very different back then - in my mind)
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It doesn't sound like Brick Owl, but I'll mention it anyway.
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