Twitter timeline scrolling when I click on a link?
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I'm not sure how to phrase this so I'm having no luck with help forums.

Right now I mainly access Twitter via Safari on my iphone. Sometimes I tap on a tweet to open it or to go to a link. When I go back to my timeline, it has scrolled back up 20 or 30 tweets that I now have to scroll down through again to get where I was before. It only started doing this within the past couple of months but just now bugging me enough to try to do something about it. Anybody else have the same problem or know how to fix?
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I have no solution to offer I'm afraid, but I also have this problem and it's really annoying. I've had it happen for ages though, easily a year or more, and not every time, although I can't recognise any kind of pattern.
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This annoys me on Chrome on a PC. I usually right-click the tweet and open it in a new tab. You can do this on an iphone by holding your finger on the link. I haven't tested it with Twitter on the phone, but it works on a PC and for other sites on my phone.
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Twitter's web client is broken in this way. The only way I know to work around it is to always open links in new tabs.
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Yeah, I open tweets in new tabs because it doesn't remember where you left off. On your computer, I recommend getting an extension/add-on like QuickDrag, Drag And Go or similar -- instead of having to right-click and select "open link in new tab" you can click a link and drag it to the right and it will only the link in a new tab.

Not sure about an iPhone solution, since I use Android, but there are lots of Twitter apps that will probably work a lot more smoothly for you. If not the Twitter app (or Twitter Lite), I bet there's an app that remembers where you leave off on your timeline.
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Twitter's web client is generally terrible. Might try using TweetDeck instead? I seem to remember having this problem with the regular Twitter site, but TweetDeck works fine.
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