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My brother in law is in love with his Alexa. Are there cheapish ($50) gadget-toy stupid things that he can hook up to the Alexa system that aren't serious "smart home" items? (He already has a bunch of Hue lightbulbs.) Nothing practical or useful like monitors or hubs or thermostats. Something frivolous and silly.
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I, um.., doubt this is what you're thinking of, but how about a Furby?
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I wish! But you could always do a smart plug (~$10) and anything fun that could plug into the wall! (I'm thinking a tennis ball serve practicer)
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They don't seem to be selling the Alexa-compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass yet that I can find, but when they do, it'll be the platonic ideal of frivolous and silly Alexa devices.
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You could encourage him to embed the Echo itself into a Furby.

Frivolous? Check.
Silly? Check.
The stuff of nightmares? Also check.

[Apologies, tapir-whorf was way ahead of me here]
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Echo Buttons (which are due for release on December 11th) -- play games by hitting light-up Alexa-compatible buttons. Frivolous: yes; silly: yet to be determined.

Rhapsody String Lights
that can be voice-controlled through Alexa, and will (supposedly) be able to blink in tune with music played through Alexa (once they get a software/firmware update); Frivolous: yes; silly: firmware contingent.
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Amazon has a skull-shaped stand for the Echo Dot. Also an owl and a snowman.
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I know people who have plugged electric mattress warmers into smart outlets, but our mattress came with instructions that said such a thing would damage the fancy topper, so YMMV.
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In the same vein as elphaba, a pretty...catalog-worthy....cherub stand exists for echo dots.
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From Jim Beam: "JIM," The World's First Intelligent Bourbon Decanter. But apparently out of stock.
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I just ordered the rhapsody lights linked above-on sale if ordered through Alexa. They look super fun-Christmas lights that you can turn on and off, brighten, change colors, and set to themes like Valentine’s Day.
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