I want to offer free computer support - but only for an hour?
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I have a bunch of smart, computer savvy, young adults that want to help out an answer general computer issues via phone (local calls) and email.

They want to roleplay a help desk. The catch is only for an hour next Tuesday from 9:45 AM until 10:45 AM EST. I'm going to place a quick ad on facebook and craigslist and have my mom call in :) Looking for advertisment advice and other suggestions?
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I wouldn't bother with the facebook ad - but I would make a facebook event and invite all your friends. I would encourage the young adults to do the same.
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You could talk to a local library or senior center, or someplace that sometimes/often has to field IT questions from their patrons, and see if they would be interested in forwarding general "computer literacy" type questions to your group during that time block.
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