Can you recommend a prefab house?
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I like the looks of a small, modern prefab house called Ideabox, but I'm looking for something that could be delivered to upstate New York (this one can't). Do you know of a similar house available on the East Coast? Bonus points for anything especially energy efficient or with any sustainable features. I'm not looking for a typical "tiny house" with a lofted bedroom, but a house with at least one fully separate bedroom with a door.
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Have you seen the offerings at Wee House? Confession: I've only been in a display model. It looked nice, though.
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Based in New England, Go Logic has a wide range of prefab houses to choose from.
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I drooled over Curbed's list of various prefab homes and their options earlier this year.
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I think the classic answer for this is Yankee Barn?
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I know Blu Homes has delivered some of their prefab houses to the East Coast of the US, but I think that compared to Ideabox their models are typically larger and more expensive.
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Ross Chapin Architects ( has kit houses available through Shelter Kit (, and it looks like they ship to all 50 states. I haven't seen a kit, perse, but I know Ross and have seen several of his houses, and they are beautiful. (sorry, I can't make links work?)
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Interesting. I built a Ross Chapin house myself, the Elderberry which is among the Shelter Kit houses. Here in Port Townsend there must be 50 or 60 Ross Chapin houses. They're fantastic little houses.
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Vermod might deliver there. They are more of a "mobile home" look, but was designed specifically for Vermont energy efficiency and durability (project started after Irene).
At Vermod, we design and build affordable zero energy modular homes to meet the highest standards of durability, energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality.

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