Which goal app can help me?
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I want to be able to set and track a few goals each month. One is fitness related. Another is a don't -- like, don't be on my phone after I get in bed. What app can help me with this? I know about HealthMonth but it seems to cost $5 per month now (also I don't care about being in a group with others) and I'd prefer to maybe pay $5 once for an app.

Would be good if I can check off daily goals, if I've achieved them or not. Or allow me to succeed or fail on a weekly basis -- like, did I manage to exercise 3x per week.

I know I could just throw all this into an Excel chart but I'm wondering if there's something more fun, that could sit on my iPhone.

(I see some older questions along these lines but nothing within the last year.)
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Moment is a great app to help track and reduce your time on your iPhone (if that's the kind of phone you have).
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Just to add: yes, it's an iPhone, and I would like to be able to track several kinds of goals in one app.
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I think HabitBull does everything you want. I like it.
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I use one called HabitBull. It is fairly dull, I track four things

- did I floss
- did I do my shoulder exercises
- did I mediate
- did I exercise three times in a week (exactly what you are looking for)

It lets you set goals so you want to floss 100 days in a row or whatever you get a little "Hey you did it!" banner. I think there is a premium version where you can maybe track more habits but I've been using it like this for years and it's been fine.
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The Productive app is pretty flexible about the kinds of schedules you set up--you can have daily things, weekly things, X times a week things, X times a month things even. You get a "perfect" day if you hit all your goals and you can build strings for each goal also.
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Strides free version will do what you want, for up to 10 goal trackers. You can do goals for 3x per week, days in a row, etc. You can set reminders if you like.
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Way of Life is what I use.
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I used Streaks for this for a while.
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I downloaded Habit Bull and it seems to be exactly what I need, for free. Thanks so much!
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