Replacement for Google Finance portfolio
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The old Google Finance is shutting down, to be replaced by a new version lacking portfolio functionality. What other tools are available?

I've tried Tiingo and finviz, but they both failed pretty quickly because they don't import portfolio data, and manually adding transactions is very limited--they're only recording a buy/sell, have no historical data, and no awareness of splits, dividends, etc.

Google Finance was a nice quick way to get an at a glance update without logging into my brokerage account. Hoping to replicate that experience.
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I don't use either, but have heard people on r/PF say they were replacing Google Finance with Personal Capital, a site that gets a ton of positive reviews on personal finance blogs.
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Thanks for the pointer to Personal Capital. It linked directly with my brokerage account, so the data import part was very easy at least. It doesn't seem to be taking any transaction history into account though, i.e., the performance tab starts at today.

It seems to want to be a dashboard of your all personal finances, so not much depth or focus on the portfolio management/analytics side.
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