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How many calories are in a Murray's bagel, i.e. a gigantic dense NYC bagel ? (Or if unknown, how many ounces is one of the biggest NYC bagels?) Take a plain bagel just for simplicity. No cream cheese etc.
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This older NYT article has weights of bagels from a few shops and estimates 75-80 calories per ounce. Here's another, newer article that weighed a Murray's bagel at 121g = 4.26815oz, which would be 320 to 340 calories according to that same calculation.

It will really depend on the weight, so your best bet is to bring one home and throw it on a scale!
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Thank you. Yes true, I should say right off I don't have a food scale, so was hoping someone had already done this and I could just rely on Askme! :). I have a feeling the bagels are bigger even than when the newer NYT article came out.
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Myfitnesspal says 350 for a whole wheat Murray's bagel.
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For scale, a normal sized bagel is 250 calories, the same as a donut (I know which I'd rather have).
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I bake a fair amount, and tracked my calories pretty strictly for a while. My experience is that a plain artisan bread runs about 2.5 calories per gram, an enriched dough like a brioche is about 3. Bagel recipes don't call for much fat and so would be on the lower end of that scale --- ~310 calories if the weight matches the 2014 article. That's where Dunks says their plain bagel is, too. Since Dunks' tend to be on the smaller side, you might could bump it up to ~350.
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