low-stress jobs for a creative coder
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I've worked as a freelancer in art & technology for a decade. Before that, I worked in video games and newspaper publishing. I'm sick of stress and deadlines and responsibility! What kind of jobs (full-time or freelance) could I seek out that have low stress and not much decision-making, but still allow me to parlay my technical skills into a reasonable wage?

I don't mind working, but I'd love to have a low-pressure job for a while. I have a wide but not deep knowledge of everything related to creative coding and physical computing. My freelance jobs have usually been about building online or physical interactive installations for marketing agencies or wealthy private individuals. These projects usually have tight deadlines, crotchety clients, and a ton of responsibility.

I'm about 50 years old, and my last full time salary (ten years ago) was $80K. Now I charge $100-150/hr for freelance. Is it possible with my skills to earn a livable NYC wage without the pressure? (I might consider leaving NYC.) Freelance or part-time or full-time, but it would be nice to have time to work on personal projects.
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If you can teach, running courses in these skills for small groups might be lucrative?
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The cynic in me says you need to be kicked upstairs into management.

At about your age, I took a job with a small, 50 employee company. Although I was a 1 man programming shop, I had more than enough time to get everything done. It worked out very well for me. In a really small organization, the problems of communication and timing are much reduced. Non-profits may also be more relaxed than big, for-profit companies.
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My husband and I used to do interesting work in NYC and Philly. We now build websites and do data/digital marketing work for small and medium sized businesses in northern New England. There's a lot of demand, almost no competition, it's very low stress, and the cost of living is ultra low, relative to NYC. It's been a massive life change for us, and we've loved it.

If something like this appeals to you, feel free to MeMail me!
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