Where can I get live feedback for my PowerPoint presentation?
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What resources are available for helping a person like me to improve and perfect my PowerPoint presentation on relatively short notice? More details under the fold.

I need to be able to introduce and communicate a technical topic effectively to lay people. I have 10 days to get a PowerPoint presentation done before I have to present in front of an important audience.

What I would like is to be able to get some practice and feedback so that I can improve my whole presentation before the big day.

Is there someplace I can go where I can find (and potentially pay) people who would watch me present and be able to help me with this?

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I have no idea where you can get this as a service, but people post their OK Cupid profiles here all the time for a critique. I wonder if you posted the deck on Slideshare and asked some specific questions if it would pass muster with the mods? Maybe post A and B versions along with your goals for the talk and ask for specific comments about visual design, text, or organization/structure. And supply a profile of the target audience? Run it by the mods first. (Sorry, mods.)
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Long shot, but I was once asked to evaluate PowerPoint presentations made by students at a local technical college as an outside expert. Reversing that idea, I wonder if you could get a group of communications students to provide a similar service to you, either by offering up the opportunity to someone in the department teaching a pertinent class or, more likely and perhaps again working through the department, recruiting them to participate in a focus group for which they would be compensated.
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What about your local Toastmasters International chapter, again as either an audience offering a critique or as candidates for a paid focus group?
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This may not meet your immediate needs, but I put a document online I point my students to as general advice on giving powerpoint presentations.
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+1 I think that posting it here would work and that fellow Mefites would be happy to give their opinion/suggestions

- it dates back to 2005, but this post from Guy Kawasaki (targeted to startups pitching venture capitalists) is still good (even if only to inspire). Short version: "a PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points".

- Edward Tufte's "tips for successful presentation" may be useful -- they're at the bottom of this page.
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