Changing Drive Assmt for USB CF Reader?
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Changing drive letters in Windows 2000

I just installed a USB CompactFlash reader, and it has been installed (without my say-so) as drive D. I already had a drive D (80gb usb external HD) and everything that was shortcutted to Drive D now no longer functions properly. Is there a simple way I can change the drive letter of the CF Reader to F or G, manually?
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Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management.

Click "Disk Management" under "Storage" in the console tree.

Select drive letter, right click, choose "change drive letter and paths."

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Right click on your My Computer icon and select Manage.
Open the Logical Disc Manager.
Select your drive, right click and select "Change Drive Letter"

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Now that's what I call service! Big thanks to both.
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Those solutions assume you have some administrator rights to the computer. In a locked-down corporate computer, the only way I've found to mount all the slots in a card reader is to map dummy network drives until there's a free swatch of contiguous letters further down the alphabet for the reader to use.

Drive letters are a pain. So 1970s.
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Ouch, I wish I'd known about this a long time ago.
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Hey,'s like three months later and I just wanted to say that this helped me a lot and, uh, THANKS!
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