Help finding quotations about a company (Samsung)
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I am working on a project at work, and Samsung is one of our customers. We are preparing a gift for some of their high level executives. We’d like to include in this gift (think of it as a commemorative book of our work together) some quotes said by Samsung executives, business publications, or business personalities.

For example: “Samsung is the greatest innovator of our time.” -Warren Buffet (made that one up). My question is twofold: 1. How would you approach searching for these quotes, traditional google searches have been pretty fruitless. Any databases or sources I should be searching? and 2) if you know of a great quote, that would be helpful too!
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I would go through old annual reports from Samsung. They should be a goldmine of quotes.
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Warren Buffett said some nice stuff about Samsung in this interview. Searching "Samsung keynote transcript" turned up Mark Zuckerberg's speech ("Samsung is the leader in designing and shipping hardware") and this (sample: "We are committed to putting human life at the center of everything we do") among other things. (Mind you, you'll want to check on any current partnership status when quoting outsiders, current employee status when quoting execs, business personalities' current popularity and company attitudes, and so on.)
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Thanks for the ideas!
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