Please help me come up with a name for my pottery shop
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I've never sold my stuff before, but am participating in my first ever sale at our studio for christmas in just over a week. I've put some of my work on insta and FB to attract people in and already made some sales, which is amazing! But now I'm having more direct enquiries and commission requests I thought I better set up an etsy shop. I'm just at a loss as to the name.

My husband suggested just using my initials - like XX Pottery, but it feels a bit corporate/impersonal? We're based in Vancouver BC but move around a bit, so place name feels wrong too. I currently have quite a wide selection of stuff, from animal busts to jewelry and bowls/cups. So it's not very... coherent? as a brand.

I put some pics of the most recent stuff here.

What name would you put on this? I'm struggling to come up with something. TIA for any help/suggestions!
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How about "Creature Pottery"? The animals and other organic forms jumped out at me, and I also like the fact that the word creature has the "create" root.
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Deep Roots Pottery
Home Planet Pottery
Comfort Pottery
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The common element is you, and it looks like you have a point of view. I hope you just use your name. Maybe just your last name with initials if you're worried about privacy. You're an artist.
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Something that hones in on your glazing technique. A Glazed Expression (more on the dreamy side, rather than the dull)? Fired and Glazed? Glaze of Glory?
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Clay is Not Dirt Pottery
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Other Forest Pottery

Calm Creature Ceramics

Morphing Matter Mudworks

Bowl of Bear

Everyday A New Day Ceramics (no, really)

Silver Chairs

Third Bowl
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nthing Glaze of Glory. Reminds me of the Zenna Henderson "People" books and the little girl who has to leave her planet because it's going to go up "inna a blaze of glory!"
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After looking at your work (which is beautiful), I think you need the word "Nature" in there somewhere. Back to Nature Pottery? Natural Wonders Pottery (sounds too much like a woo mall shop)? Pottery by Nature?
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A name that implies certain qualities to your work—like crazed finishes or animal themes or particular vessel forms—seems premature and limiting. It's early days for you and you're exploring a lot of different directions. A name that comes from how you feel about your pottery would be better, but to be authentic it would have to come from you, I think, not from us telling you how [pictures of] your pottery makes us feel.

Unless your own real name is terribly ungainly, or you're committed to anonymity, I'd use your first and last names—not corporate/impersonal initials—as the unique identifier part of the business identity, and then think a bit about what exactly the business is and how you would prefer to describe it. So is it a company, like "Jane Doe Pottery," "Jane Doe Clayworks," "Jane Doe Studios"... or is it you, doing your art: "Jane Doe, Potter," "Jane Doe, Ceramist" ? That kind identity is a big umbrella under which you can create a lot of things whose only common thread may be that they came from your hands.
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Most of the names we come up with based on what you've told us will already be taken or be very close to something that's already taken (lots of businesses of all kinds have a variation of "nature" in the title). So I'd suggest thinking more about what makes you unique. Using your name would be one way to do that. You could also use the name or nickname of a family member or even a beloved pet. Is there a character in a book or movie who speaks to you? A family in-joke that could be the basis for a name? A lake or mountain that is meaningful to you? Try making a list of 50 or even 100 proper nouns that mean something to you. (By making the number 100 instead of say, 10, you'll be forced to use whatever you can think of instead of discarding words because you think they might sound stupid - this could have awesome results).

Your work is really beautiful. Good luck.
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Should have added this: my last name is a very common English noun. It occurred to me that if I ever needed a pseudonym, I'd use the Lithuanian word for that noun (I'm of Lithuanian descent). Something like that could be cool too.
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You seem concerned with it being too corporate, so how about something that feels personal? i.e. Pottery By Julie or Julie's Pottery Creations.
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First of all, nice work. While it doesn't have a "brand" as you say, it seems very coherent as a body of work, probably because it reflects your unique tastes, ideas, and internal themes. I'd go with something related to either your name, favorite things, or something else that's meaningful to you. Let the creator be the brand, even if it's metaphoric or obscured. I like FencingGal's suggestion of making a long list of proper nouns and seeing what really resonates with you. Good Luck!
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Clay & Nature
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There's a section in the creatively-translated Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, a collection of 1000-year-old Persian poetry, which is a conversation between a group of clay pots about the potter who made them, as an allegory of humans discussing the nature and intentions of God. Perhaps a carefully-chosen phrase would make a good name for a pottery shop. There were several different editions of the English translation with different wording which you might look through, but at a glance here are a couple examples from the third edition: "All Sorts And Sizes" and "Loquacious Vessels".
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Hearth Fire Pottery
Hearth Hart Pottery

I'm mostly thinking in word pictures, so a logo could be a hearth with a doe or dear, or a heart.
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Every Clay a New Clay...
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I follow various potters/ceramics artists and I really like names that are the artist's name in some way. For me, puns and cutesy names are less preferable to the clean aesthetic of initials or a name. How do you sign your pots? Maybe use that as a basis so that people can find you again more easily if they have bought one of your objects or were gifted one. Also, your own style may change in a way that makes cutesy or very specific names involving subject matter or glaze styles something you grow out of. Good luck! The resurgence of pottery and ceramic arts that is happening now is exciting.
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I strongly recommend just using your name, especially if your name is unique or easy to remember. You'll get tired of a pun, or your style might change in the future such that any name that includes nature or organic wouldn't fit any longer. I have a relative who does pottery, and her company/website name references a type of art she made about 10 years ago. Now that her technique and style has changed, she's stuck with a name that doesn't work so well anymore, but she has a clientele so she doesn't want to change it.
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The Potted Owl
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not sure of an idea, but wow, I love your stuff! in the Raku and Bizen realm, very natural and with a Northwest feel to a lot of it. nature theme, fire theme, only you know what you're thinking about when you're making stuff....

Crazed and Crackled ?
Campfire clay ?

will look for you on Etsy! :)
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Harried Potter
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The surfaces are very lively and I like the cups with the sides pushed in...Dimple Pottery?
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When I think of buying pottery I never think of the name of the business. I always think of the name of the potter. The potters I follow all use either their names or their initials. They may have business names but I have no idea what they might be. You could look up your favorite artists and see what they do.
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Hello, fellow potter! I strongly agree with others that just using your name is the best way to go, for all of the reasons that have been mentioned already. I wanted to add a link to this post on Design*Sponge -- it's an interview with a potter who recently rebranded and went from using a made-up business name to just using her own name.
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First Name Last Name Clay Creations
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