Need recommendations for all-purpose day/shoulder bag for a guy (me)
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Looking for an all-purpose shoulder bag or casual backpack that I can wear/carry all-day during multi-day, non-business trip to Chicago. Something I can use all day as I go to museums, sight-see, etc. Must fit the following items: Fuji mirrorless X-T1 camera with 2 lenses (1 attached, 1 loose), iPad 4 mini, spare camera batteries, charger, a paperback or 2.

I prefer a cross-body sling/should bag, but if you've got a backpack rec, I'll take that, too. I have an older Crumpler "6 million dollar home" camera bag, and, while great for photo equipment, it's bulkier than I'd like for all-day use and fitting even an iPad mini in it is awkward, at best.

Bonus points if it can be folded down compactly and stuffed in luggage. Price point: about $60.
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Best answer: Note: many museums won't let you carry a backpack in. People often turn and hit things while wearing them.

My favorite around town bag is a MetaFilter favorite, the Tom Bihn Cafe Medium. I've had one since 2000 and it's still holding up well.
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I use a Tumbuk2 Classic Messenger for general daily carry. I'd do a size small or XS for that amount of gear. You may have to find a padded insert if you want camera protection. I also like neoprene protectors, because then it's a little easier to keep things loose if you have more than just camera gear.

There's also the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L, which could be good for this purpose. I also have a ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 30i for carrying extra camera gear. (I can get two Fuji X bodies with attached lenses, a third lens and an 8" tablet in the bag).

A couple of those may be a bit over your budget. Maybe look at used versions of these bags to save a few bucks.
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Best answer: Perhaps the Tom Bihn Cafe Bag? I (androgynous lesbian) have the small one, one of my best friends (cis bi man) has a medium one, we both love them.
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It's a bit pricier than your budget, but I really like my Duluth Pack Standard Book Bag. (Though it is on sale now!)
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Another vote for the Tom Bihn Cafe Bag. I have the small and I've been taking it to and from work for years.
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Love the Cafe Bags, though they stopped making the Large recently. If you're looking for something a bit bigger, just today they released the Pop Tote shoulder bag.
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I forgot to mention that the messenger stabilizer strap is so good on the cafe bag.
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