what is my job title?
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It's another one of these nebulous job title questions!

I work for a small business that offers art and performance instruction to kids and adults. We've been calling me an "operations manager" but I don't know if that really reflects what I do accurately. I'm a bit worried that it's an inflated title but maybe I am wrong. I also don't really know if I'm squarely operations or if I am also other things. Maybe I'm an office manager? Or some sort of specialist? Help me figure this out please!

*project management
*social media management
*marketing management
*a bit of graphic design (posters, etc)
*updating the website
*some customer-facing stuff
*managing incoming inquiries via phone and email
*supporting the instructors with any of their needs
*booking rehearsal space for classes, lessons, or clients
*coordinating with local venues for performances
*coordinating customer payments with bookkeeper
*and handling basically anything that the owner/CEO doesn't want to do (I report directly to him)


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OH and I only do this part-time if that is relevant, because I'm also in business school part time.
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I think Operations Manager fits the bill, and would sound better than Office Manager on a resume (depending on what you want to do).
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If you're not supervising things like HR, accounting, payroll, negotiating the office lease, buying the photocopier, etc., then I wouldn't say that you're an Operations Director, so it does feel a bit inflated, though since your title is Operations Manager it might not be too far off the mark.
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Everything except customer payment coordination sounds like a mix of what Marketing Managers and Product Marketing Managers do at my company.
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Manager of corporate operations
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Specialist sounds entry-level since that's normally a title given to entry-level positions. I would definitely try to make your title sound more senior. I would also think about your career and what you want to do next. If you want to continue to do operations or office management, go with something like that. If you're interested in PR or external communications, go with Director of Communications and Outreach. Think about this title less in terms of what you do now and more in terms of what you want to do in the future, because your job covers a lot of ground (running social media vs. booking appointments) -- you have to pick one direction to go in.
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Maybe Program Coordinator?
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Yeah, I think you are a Program Coordinator (or, if you feel your role is more senior, a Program Manager). To me Ops Manager or Office Manager covers things more internal, like onboarding staff, ordering office supplies, managing mailroom, maybe even a little HR/hiring or budget management.
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Operations Manager sounds more internal and it sounds like you do a lot more with comms and events than you do with billing and admin. You honestly seem more like a Marketing & Events Manager.
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