"Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my sugar pie..."
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So there's this old cartoon.

A guy is demolishing a building, and he finds a box, and in the box is a frog. The frog produces a hat and cane and does a song and dance number. The guy sees dollar signs, and takes the frog in the box.

He organizes a concert by the frog, but on the big day, the frog simply sits on the stage and makes a frog noise. The man is ruined, so he seals the frog up in another building.

Then you see a demolition worker of the future, zapping away the building with a destructo-ray. Out jumps the frog, which whips out it's hat and cane. The demolition worker of the future sees dollar signs and grabs the frog.

So, does anyone know what this cartoon was, who made it, and where I could find a copy?
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Chuck Jones' "One Froggy Evening." The frog was Michigan J. Frog, who is perhaps (sadly) best known as the mascot for The WB network.
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This dvd features the short, as well as many other classics.
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Roger Ebert recently included it in his Great Movies series, along with a couple of other Chuck Jones films.
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Thank you jimmy.

You rock.
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By the way, it's not, as you have in your title here, "sugar pie," it's "ragtime gal":
"Hello! Ma Baby" (1899)
Words by Joseph E. Howard
Music by Ida Emerson

(Hello! Hello! Hello!)
I've got a little baby, but she's out of sight,
I talk to her across the telephone;
I'se never seen my honey but she's mine, all right;
So take my tip, an' leave this gal alone.
Ev'ry single morning, you will here my yell,
"Hey Central! fix me up along the line."
He connects me with ma honey, then I rings the bell,
And this is what I say to baby mine,

CHORUS 2 times
"Hello! ma baby,
Hello! ma honey,
Hello! ma ragtime gal,
Send me a kiss by wire,
Baby my heart's on fire!
If you refuse me,
Honey, you'll lose me,
Then you'll be left alone;
oh baby, Telephone
and tell me I'se your own,
(Hello! hello! hello! there [1st time only])

This morning, thro' the 'phone, she said her name was Bess,
And now I kind of know where I am at;
I'se satisfied because I'se got my babe's address,
Here pasted in the lining of my hat.
I am mighty scared, 'cause if the wires get crossed,
'Twill separate me from ma baby mine,
Then some other coon will win her, and my game is lost,
And so each day I shout along the line,

(CHORUS 2 times)
And that song means Michigan was put into the box no earlier than 1899, unless there was a phonograph in the room that he could hear through the wall.

You can listen to an mp3 of an 1899 recording here.
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That episode was written by Mike Maltese and Tedd Pierce, I believe.
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If you get the dvd, be sure to listen to the audio commentary -- very interesting.
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IMDb link.
A notable thing about this truly excellent cartoon is that nobody speaks in it. (There are some written words, like "Free Beer".)
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Didn't he also sing "Every-body's doin' the Michigan raaaaaag...THAT LOVIN' RAAAAAAAAAG!" Or was that another episode?
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The "Free Beer" sign frame sequence was removed awhile ago because children should never wonder why free beer is a good thing. The "FREE" sign appears, then cut to the stampede of people. This may have been a local executive decision.

"Michigan Rag," if I remember correctly, was written specifically for that episode. There weren't any other episodes with Michigan J Frog because (according to someone else I just spoke with the other week) there was an agreement struck between various levels of the company that Mr. Frog would only appear in one episode. Decades later, someone dusted Michigan off for a second shot at the big time.
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The "Free Beer" sign frame sequence was removed awhile ago because children should never wonder why free beer is a good thing. The "FREE" sign appears, then cut to the stampede of people.

That is tragic, in that the original has "FREE", no takers, "FREE BEER", stampede.

I, too, heard that the Michigan Rag was written for the episode, but have no idea where.
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I have seen at least one follow-up to this cartoon. Maybe it was in Animaniacs or one of the other neo-Bugs kinda shows.
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Here you go!
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