Small Electronic Parts near Tampa, FL
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With the demise of Radio shack, I am wondering if there is anywhere I can buy small electronic parts locally (Tampa, FL area). I am mostly interested in building fairly simple circuits using off the shelf parts.

For small things like resistors and capacitors, there was a time when I was able to buy such parts from Radio Shack, even if I had to dig through a "miscellaneous" bin of random bits and pieces. Is there a place near Tampa, FL that sells small electronic parts locally? I am specifically looking to avoid buying online.

The parts are often needed at short notice and the next-day-air shipping required for timely delivery from an online merchant is definitely hurting my wallet. And yes, I have amazon prime.
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There's at least one on the first page of google results: Elliot Electronic Supply
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Forgive me if I'm being obtuse, but it looks like that shop is physically located in Tuscon, AZ. I am looking for a local brick and mortar shop in the Tampa Bay, FL area. I see that it says that it's a radio shack alternative in Tampa, FL, but I can't see a local shop I can visit other than the Tucson, AZ location. Perplexing!
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I'm sorry! I just read the text that said Tampa, saw that they had a brick and mortar shop, but didn't notice that it wasn't actually in Tampa.
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I bet the local Tampa ham radio guys will know. Contact them via website, or just show up at one of their meetups and ask.
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A few Radio Shack locations were actually very very old franchises. Some of them are still open. If one of the Tampa area Radio Shacks had a lot more parts and components and such than the usual store, that would be the one I'd look at first. If that doesn't pan out, local hams are definitely the best resource. There may be a local group that has a website with recommendations since it's a common issue in the hobby right now.

I can't count how many times over the years Radio Shack saved my ass when I couldn't get a replacement part in a reasonable time but they had the tools and components needed to revive it long enough to wait for a replacement to be shipped instead of fueling up the jet to go pick up a part thousands of miles away and fly back and get it installed by morning. We saved countless thousands of dollars over the years thanks to them and their having stores in nearly every little town in the country. Sometimes a 20 cent capacitor or a $2 DIN socket and a $10 soldering kit is all you need to get things working again.
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Thanks a lot for the input, everyone, though I'm still hopeful/curious that someone might know of a specific local store. A long shot, I know.

No worries, bradf -- apologies if I came across bluntly. Just confused at the site presenting itself as a Tampa FL replacement to a local radio shack store! All input appreciated!
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